16 Feb 2011

here's to you ms. spry

am avidly re-reading all my constance spry books (namely the seminal text 'how to do the flowers') and am once again amazed at what a complete maverick she was. tinderbox as a wall vase? i had to look up what a tinderbox was but despite that i still thought it was inspired. also she is rocking quite a natty look in this picture which deserves a mention. when i am out on a job instead of trying to look all cute in my anthropologie apron i actually need to be wearing pearls and a tabard...


  1. We were actually compelled to wear tabards when I was at college.

    I think you should do a series of posts on vintage flower arranging books. I have loads and some of the images in them are real gems.

    Huge congratulations on making it into the Top 50 florists list. Well done! xx

  2. it's all in the tabard my friend.
    (and thankyou congratulations gratefully received) x

  3. oh, thank you! the last year at saipua blog I read a post about this woman, and since I´ve been triying to remember her name, or find the post (at saipua blog).

    you have a lovely blog:)

  4. i can't tell you how refreshing it is to see the word tabard on a monday evening. Delightful, she sounds like an interesting lady!