18 Aug 2011

Q&A thursday: lewis miller of LMD

i'm even more excited about doing this now that some of the replies are coming back in, it's just so fascinating to hear a little of the personality behind the people i admire from afar. the general plan is to include florists of all different size and scale here; from the smaller one-man-band studios to the larger event companies, i think we can all learn something and learning is always good, right?

for the inaugural Q&A thursday i bring to you the utterly charming lewis miller from new york's lmd design. his work is amazing and i am so delighted he agreed to take part.
how/why you got into the flowers
i am a farm boy and garden designer at heart. i was born in the country and love all that it represents. my education is in landscape and garden design, but i love the quick pace of party and floral design. it's all over at midnight - and off to the next one!

on your current playlist
the killers, goldfrapp, beyonce, madonna, lady gaga, glee. i really only listen to music when i run or drive so it's always upbeat pop

savoury or sweet?
i have such a sweet tooth

best ever flower (for this week at least)
a toss up between ranunculus or english roses cut directly from the garden

oh i love all of my children equally but currently i am loving hendricks and tonic made with fresh cucumber and lime juice that i make with my new juicer. ha ha! one way to get fresh juice in your diet

your most unappealing habit
oh, this list is long, but i get accused of mumbling - which i think is horrid! but i argue that i am just talking to myself

couldn't live without
i would rather not live without sharpies, santa maria novella, my two wire fox terriers teddy and brian, linen sheets and steak tartar

favourite website(s)
first thing i check the weather and check my bank accounts. then for inspiration anoushka hempel, isaia (i love the opening sequence) and le sirenuse (the most beautiful hotel in the world - was there in july and have to check back often for a quick fix)

what makes your heart sing
beautiful european interiors and gardens

tell me a secret
pink is one of my very favourite colours. maybe my favourite. soft blush, pale rose, shell - nothing bright or garish


  1. brava on the new feature! and totes agree re: le sirenuse. it's breathtaking. x

  2. I have such a crush on LMD and Lewis Miller...he has a rep as the nicest designer in NYC. Nice score, Lotte. Loved it. (look, no exclamation marks).

  3. "i love all my children equally" hilarious.

  4. I second the "loving all the children" and it's going to be so fantastic to get everyone's inspirational websites.

    hip hip to the new column!

  5. Another LMD fangirl piping in. And yes, loving your children equally might turn into one of those timeless alcohol quotes.

  6. G and T will cucumber/lime juice? Could love this post for that alone, but now I have a new floral wizard to admire across the pond. Thursdays just looked up! X

  7. Too up to my neck in flowers to comment till now.

    This is quite a start.

    And worryingly witty:)

    xo Jane