30 Aug 2011

zaha hadid and the fingernail mystery

this morning we packed up flora with a rainy day picnic, peanut butter sandwiches and braved the drizzle to visit the new transport museum in glasgow. it's the first time i've been inside a zaha hadid building so i was quite curious. i can report it is very curvy...and neon.

it was all going great guns until greta somehow mysteriously ripped her nail and we had to leave. i suspect she may have put her finger in the pencil sharpener she was playing with all morning. who are we to reason why.

i found this today too via fellow glaswegian jolene about an everyday practice to keep creative inspiration alive. sometimes i feel like i'm drowning in the stuff and then other times all i can do is stare at a wall or sleep. weird. anyway, if you like the sound of that jump to the end of the link for the basic tools download.

i'm back on the flowers at the weekend, should anyone still be tuning in.

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  1. I can't WAIT to read The Basic Tools....but i'm late for work! I'll sit and read it tonight with a cup of tea. Thank you for sharing...i also either drown or sleep! The ways of the creative mind hey!