24 Feb 2012

lively up yourself

it's friday and it's as good a reason as any, no? 

posh chocolates were a present from a lovely couple i did wedding flowers for, with instructions to eat them all myself. and who am i to argue with that kind of advice...

was delighted to see this article on thierry boutemy in british vogue this month. love him so bad, what a guy. there's a bit where he talks about working on the shoot by mario testino for american vogue avec gaga:

mario called me and said "bring some flowers and we will work it out when you get here". this is the best method: have a stock of flowers and then improvise in harmony with the place and the people you are working with.

which pretty much nails it.


  1. I just got the same chocolates from a customer, jasmine, rose and violet.

    I have already eaten rose and jasmine.

  2. Improvise - love that.

    Ooo how was the earl grey?

    1. not tried it yet...sounds delish to me though