9 Oct 2012

the london workshop

otherwise known as forgetting to bring your big camera*

last weekend brooklyn's kat flower and i got together in london to teach a flower class.

here's how it went down:

we got a shitload of flowers, some vessels from liberty, some delicious nosh from the boys at gourmandizing and some bottles of the fizzy shizz. 

it was a great group of folk and i admired the way everyone completely threw themselves into it. we had a student who had flown over from spain and two who had driven up from cornwall: a commitment and enthusiasm i thoroughly endorse.

the next day i met miss pickering for breakfast before i headed out of town. what a woman. we have big plans afoot so look sharp. 

p.s. big up to the brixton branch for allowing us to come forage from your garden early on a saturday morning. 

* hence the dubious iphone shots. the nicer photos near the bottom are by kenya, our generous class host.


  1. Looks like a LOT of fun!

    So, of course what we all really want to know is what on earth have you and Miss P got up your sleeves? I'll happily be your compaign manager if you are planning to oust Cam-Clegg as the new coalition based on class act flowers, top nosh and gin. Stop teasing us all and spill please?! Bx

    1. sorry B - i hate that stupid teaser tactic. won't do it for long, promise. love the sound of your idea, it might have to be that

  2. it was truly great. good flowers, good food and very good people. loved every minute, altought it might not have looked like that. Thank you and Kat and the team in the kitchen
    Susanne xx

  3. cant wait to hear what you two are up to.....

  4. Looks fabulous. Hope you'll be holding another or something similar soon, I'll definitely be there!

  5. Very excited about the prospect of plans with Miss P...my two heroes! Swoon.
    Thanks for a brilliant afternoon. Amazing! xx

  6. Oh this class looked so damn cool.

    B, yes we are the new coalition, I fear I am the buffoon like Boris Johnson in this scenario

  7. Yolanda Chiaramello11 October 2012 at 20:40

    Lotte And Kathleen, Thank you both so much- it really was such a treat to work with you and learn from you both. Hosted so beautifully by "Gourmandizing London"! Really great grub!

    I am still admiring my beautiful(now decaying- flowers). Stunning workshop. Thank you..... Look forward to your new exciting collaboration. And doing it all again someday.

    Love Yolanda xx

  8. finally getting caught up. you guys really threw down. so lovely it all came together and what fun. xx

  9. Really a bit sad I missed out on this. Looks fantastic!