13 Dec 2012

the florist christmas list 2012

you won't find any of these things in the florist sundries, but they will certainly make the job more pleasurable along the way. no shame in that, son.

clockwise from left to right:

pocket sharpening stone  helpfully fits in a pocket. comes with a leather pouch and everything.

body shop hemp hand cream  i've tried a lot of hand creams in my time. amongst other things, this line of work has given me a recurring case of dermatitis, so thanks for that. sometimes you need to admit defeat and call in the big guns (the steroid sort) but up until that point this happy chappy will be your loyal friend.

satchel  perennially smart and always belies the chaos within. carries laptop, sweets, holds secateurs without stabbing your leg. comes in 30 different colours, is completely handcrafted in britain and you can even have your initials embossed on it too, result.

cast iron tape dispenser  so stable it can be used with one hand. count me in.

your common or garden clipboard  the analogue classic. a plethora of uses.

elizabeth arden 8-hour cream  posh vaseline and secret weapon to your arsenal.
£25 boots (other retail outlets available)

thermal vest and leggings  behind every great woman is a set of these bad boys. if there isn't then she's a mug. a very cold mug.

bach flower rescue remedy  the sat nav has taken you to a dead-end field in the middle of god knows where. you've just realised you have a flat tyre. wedding starts in one hour and you, the flowers and the venue are not in the same place. how's your blood pressure?
£9.65 20ml bottle holland & barrett (other retail outlets available)

kirby grips  you can never have enough in my opinion. but maybe that's because i've got curly hair.

classic rubber doorstop  not sure where i picked up this little gem of a tip, but one of these puppies squirrelled away in a toolbox sure helps smooth any hotel/venue set up involving a zillion vases and big heavy doors. a welcome stocking filler for any self-respecting florist.

pom juice  sometimes all you can do when you've just pulled off a 3-day+ stint of 19 hour days is neck a bottle of this: pure pomegranate juice. it tastes of health my friend.


  1. First clogs, now satchels, you speak my language Lotte!

    Yet to find the perfect thermals - not too bulky, not too mad static nylon-y/sweaty, that actually work, have you found ace ones?

    8 hour cream is actually magic.

    Always torn about actually getting presents too related to work though, but your list rocks.xx

    1. strictly m&s only here. they're bulky and i look like a tank in them but you can't have it all...x

  2. What is it with all the actuallys?! Another cup of coffee required here! x

  3. fabulous - especially the doorstop, that's going to the top of my list. Plus, even though I'm a shorty haired florist I still need kirby grips for those (all too regular) times when I'm too busy to get a hair cur and my fringe need controlling

  4. Love ALL of this...every single bit! Might have to share...x

  5. Thank you for writing such a great blog post Lotte! I've just shared it on my Facebook page :-).

  6. Lotte you are a genius :-) I especially love the satchel x

  7. we are kindred spirits fer sure.

  8. O God, I so agree re hemp handcream. Tried them all and this is literally the only one that works!

  9. I know these are mainly gifts that have a functionality, How about real flower jewelry for the florist in your life? It'd give any of these gifts a nice topping :)

  10. Hi! Good day to you..

    These were really nice gifts for someone that you really love. And they really are very useful. =)